Business Access Control

The purpose of access control is to grant entrance to a building or office only to those who are authorized to be there.

Today, instead of keys, we carry access cards or ID badges to gain entry to secured areas. Access control systems can also be used to restrict access to workstations, file rooms housing sensitive data, printers, as well as entry doors. In larger buildings, exterior door access is usually managed by a landlord, or management agency, while interior office door access is controlled by the tenant company.

We offer professional installation
for couple of different access control systems:

IP based access control

These IP access control solutions are dramatically different than the older door access systems that used central control boxes. IP Door access control readers and door controllers connect to your network and are powered by PoE (Single wire for data and power suply)

There are several access control solutions. You can select the Isonas IP door reader/controllers that are excellent for small to medium systems, or the Hartmann Controls Enterprise access control system that includes advanced capability such as elevator control, and integration with IP camera systems. If you need additional security, you can select the biometric access control system.

Web based access control

web-based physical access control system provides additional layer of security by automatically collecting data on all events that occur within the system. You can check the security events log from anywhere and anytime and adjust most of the system’s settings remotely.

In fact, your web-based access control system is able to cover entry points located in any part of the world and you can control multiple sites at once. A reliable platform enables access control management from a single location using a secure network to control any entry point across the network.